Zed Tracker Item ztrackerEdit

  • Battery: 240 (8h), "Aliens?"
  • When worn this will show nearby zombies on the radar and on the map through the fog of war.

Black Ops Tracker Item blackops gpsEdit

  • Battery: 60 (2h), "Good instadeath-Prediction System."
  • Much like the Zed Tracker, this is used to track Black Ops agents

Cell Phone Item cellphoneEdit

  • Battery: 2160 (72h), "Hello? Still alive?"
  • These are used to track your followers like a GPS, though these companions will require one as well.
    • Followers will also issue alerts over the phone.

Police Radio Item police radioEdit

  • Battery: 240 (8h), "Call 911 for zombies."
  • Similar to the Zed Tracker, this tracks policemen.