==Item subway badge Introduction== I have been looking around this wiki and found that people have been asking to share their startegies around with others, whether it's strategies to use or strategies to avoid. Well, because of that, I've created this page: Share your useful(or Unuseful) strategies with us.


The accepted types for writing your Strategies are:

RPG-Day Type:

>Day 1: I look out to find *Blank*.

>Day 1, Hr. 6: I usually run into *Blank* here.

>Day 2: I look to find *Blank* Right about now.

Etc, etc...

Instructional Type:

1. As soon as you spawn in this *Blank* District, look for *Blank*.

2. After that go find *Blank*.

3. Once you survive you might want to pick the *Blank*.

Etc, etc...

These are the so-far accepted types.

Happy Strategizing!