Misc ItemsEdit

Stench Killer Item stench killerEdit

  • 10 sprays. (20 sprays in Alpha Rev. 6)
  • Each spray (default activated with 'a') will last 1 in-game hour; 1h.

It allows you to cover your scent from the zombies that are capable of following you by it. It can be extremely helpful against a group of evolved zombies that you can't fight off.

Flash Light Item flashlight out Item flashlightEdit

  • Battery: 240 (8h) (720(24h) in Alpha Rev. 6)
  • Increases vision range by 1 block while active (as long as battery holds).
  • When it runs out of battery and it is dropped the flashlight will not appear on the ground instead it disappears. Flashlights can be recharged at the generators in subway stations. Simply bump into the generator while the flashlight is equipped.

Spray Paint Item spraypaint2Item spraypaint3Item spraypaint4Item spraypaintEdit

Player tag2Player tag3Player tag4Player tag

  • 10 sprays.
  • Each spray (default activated with 'a') will last 1 in-game hour; 1h.

Use them to mark special locations on your map that you want to remember, like where you hid supplies.

Subway Badge Item subway badgeEdit

  • When worn it will automatically turn on the power when you pass through the metal gates in a subway station. Useful for when you are starting your travels in one subway station and ending in another station. (not sure exactly how you get it)

Wooden Plank Item wooden plankEdit

  • Barricading: 10HP, base. Window max: 40HP. Large fort HP: 20

Used for barricading windows, doors, and creating small and large fortifications.