As it does in many roguelike games, food plays a key role in staying alive through Rogue Survivor. If the prospective survivor intends to do anything but die a slow death, scrounging for food is a constant necessity.


It goes without saying that you need to regularly eat or risk starving to death. Less obvious is that hunger can keep you from sleeping and that the quality and state of your food can vary. Each type of food item has a different longetivity and nutrition value, the latter affected by the Light Eater skill. Rich foods keep hunger at bay for longer, while bland or stale food is less effective.

Foods that can expire carry a "best before" date on their packaging, a slightly rough measure of the hour when the food will expire and become worth 75% of its normal nutrition value. Likewise, expired food will spoil in roughly double that time, become worth 33% of its original value, and may induce vomiting. Heaving your guts up from soured food will take a toll on your stamina and increase your immediate need for sleep. Tactful survivors take advantage of the "best before" dates on their food, leaving the freshest meals last to get the most nutrition from their supply.



Item groceries"They eat brains, you eat vegetables."

Nutrition: +480
Max Stack: 1

Typically found in grocery stores or residences, early survivors should seek these bags before their contents spoil or fellow humans snatch them up.


Item army ration"Eat like a good soldier."

Nutrition: +360
Max Stack: 1
Rations are often found at National Guard supply drops or stocked in CHAR offices. This food type lasts significantly longer than groceries.

Canned FoodEdit

Item canned food"Better than dog food."

Nutrition: +160
Max Stack: 3
Canned meals always stay fresh and can be stacked together in your inventory. Expect to find these near grocery stores or common households.