CHAR Underground FacilityEdit

The CHAR Underground Facility (CUF) is one of the three main buildings in the game which appear to be the only plausible storyline in-game other than the survival part of it. To find the CUF, you could search around CHAR Offices, but this takes a varying amount of time and a lot of luck. The other most reasonable way to find it is to visit the police station and learn the location from The Prisoner Who Should Not Be, and the location will then appear in the list of locations in your map screen using the Keyboard I key. Going to the CHAR office at that location will contain a metal door inside of one of the rooms, and inside is the CUF.


The facility is an elaborate maze-like facility. It can contain rooms with medicine, food, beds and dressers, food is located at the bottom left (living center), medicin is located at the bottom right (medical rooms?), weapons, ammo and armor is located at the top left and utility items are at the top right. At the corners of the CUF there are "generator rooms" with generators that are turned off. The objective is to turn every generator on at every corner. Standing in your way are the full compliment of zombies (only zombified women and men if you're on Vintage Mode). Occasionally there will be a CHAR bodyguard alive, but not likely as the zombies are much more prevalent in the CUF. Once the generators are all switched on, all of the lights will turn on and you will get an achievemnt stating the end of the storyline from there, for now. Occaisonally, the lights will flicker on and off for most of the day, so make sure you have a flashlight ready.